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My Journey...

It has been a highly rewarding journey so far...God has really been very kind to me. 

I am one of those privileged one who had great upbringing & Parents, good Friends and have a wonderful family with their unconditional support during my thick and thin. Born in Kshatriya Hindu family of a traditional rural village located in the vicinity of UP-MP (known as Chambal region). I grew up in a cultured family where behavioural conducts, etiquette's Hobbies that started with Bird watching, Tree plantation, Organic Agro farming graduated over the time but havoc of corporate life took its toll. My serious endeavour with Photography & wildlife started in early 2009 when a colleague showed pictures of Tigers, Spotted Deers. The latent fire was re-ignited and in next 2 days, I was ready with my first Canon DSLR and was surfing options to travel to Bandhavgarh. Ever since, there has been no looking back. 

By now, I have travelled to various historical places, wildlife sanctuaries & tiger reserves and cities of historical & photographic  importance. Thankfully, my profession also requires lot of travel across geographies and I make sure to carry my photography gears that helps me explore opportunities to capture nature, people and emotions.

My website is an effort to showcase my work. I wish, I can continue my efforts of learning-unlearning & re-learning... 

We are a family of farmers who has been into Agriculture, Produces various crops and helps others by providing employment as we produce commodities from Wheat to Sugarcane, pea to pulses, mustard to Cheese. 

My father is a known socialist, Educationalist and leading Agro producers, publicly known as "Bhadauriya ji". He has credits of authoring many textbooks that have been part of curriculums for UP Educational Board. He is also a medical practitioner and has been contributing towards the lives and well being of people in and around our native place by providing Free of cost medical assistance since last 40+ years. 

Charu came into my life in 2003 and ever since life has changed for Better. She has earned degrees like Masters in English, Bachelors of Education (B. Ed.), Psychology & a certified Nursery Teacher; but chose to gave up her career so that I can fly high with my aspirations & follow my dreams.  She now teaches underprivileged children of construction labourers, household helps and finds more happiness in helping them grow. A true life companion, a Best friend, Strongest critic to me and a loving mother who is indeed backbone of my life.

I am proud father of a most adorable kid, Ketav. He supplements our life with his wit, love and simplicity. A beginner with keen interest in Photography, Painting, Music, Dance and most of time accompanies me in my jungle trips. We just wish to make him grow as a Good human Being...

Education & Work 

Stepping Stones:  
My basic education was done at  Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Madhaugarh,  and I am very proud to be part of this institution. The school inherited patriotism, Social-cohesiveness apart from textbook & curriculum based learning. We were taught Our values, Our heritage, Our richest culture and history. While we learnt English & Science, we were also taught Philosophy of Swami Vivekanand, patriotism of Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azaad and many such learnings that have been my greatest earnings. Later, I was send to MP for higher schooling and Graduation. This was the tenure where I met some most amazing people & made friends for lifetime. 


Corporate Caravan: 
After a short stint at Gwalior, Orai was my new destination. By now, I was focussed on work and appetite was scaling high every day. Litmus tests of life continued, unlearning-relearning continued and having spent 3 yrs before I decided to earn an MBA degree. This was, arguably, one of best time of life. 

Having earned an MBA from Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IOWA; I joined Informatics Group as Area Head- North india. After a successful endeavor, I joined Bharti Airtel Ltd in UPE. This period is arguably the best ever and most enriching tenure in my 17 yrs corporate journey. I met brilliant mentors, colleagues and friends who are still integral part of my life. From Jhansi to Lucknow, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, Mumbai and now Delhi… life went on and still going good. During my professional endeavours with companies like Airtel, Reliance Com, Tata Comm, TVS, American Tower Corp & Essel Group...I had opportunity of meeting many wonderful people who have  became integral part of my life.  My most recent professional assignment was as CEO- Essel Utilities (Power, City Gas, Water Distribution) and now I am on my way to explore Entrepreneurship.