Brajesh Singh


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A brief about me...

Early life:

I was born in traditional Rajput Kshatriya Hindu family of a remotely located village in the vicinity of UP-MP (known as Chambal region). I am privileged to have great Parents who instilled values and provided best upbringing from early days. I grew up in the family where behavioural conducts, etiquette's, humility & respect were put above everything. Hobbies that started with Bird watching, plantation and farming were deeply rooted in my heart & I have always been a nature lover with keen interest in agriculture, farming but there was a long void as I had to leave my native place to pursue my studies. Soonest, I took job, I was lost in the hustle of boardroom chaos.

Stepping Stones:  
My primary education & schooling was done at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Madhaugarh,  and I am very proud to be part of this institution. The school inherited patriotism, Social-cohesiveness apart from textbook & curriculum based learning. We were taught Our values, Our heritage, Our richest culture and history. My School education has left imprints on my thinking, my being, my values & vision. Later, I went to Bhind & Gwalior (MP) for high school and Graduated from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi.

During school and college, I had been actively involved in extra curricular activities, sports and other social initiatives. I held positions like School Captain, Prime Minister of School Council, represented school in various sports and cultural events. While serving as Group Leader-Scout, I represented my school to Inter-State level activities and won various Team & individual accolades.

Debates, Extempores & Theatrical acts have always been close to my art. They have shaped and sharpened my abilities of public speaking.

Education & Work:

Though, I joined Aptech to learn computer but it was destined to be my first break in corporate. I started working as Computer Instructor & eventually grew as Marketing & Centre Manager. Working with Aptech have helped me identify my potential and in many ways has helped me become better human being. Since it was imperative for me to have a professional degree, I decided to earn an MBA degree and have also earned a PG certificate in Business Management from XLRI Janshedpur.

After MBA, my first employment was with Informatics Group as Area Head- North India post which I moved on to join Bharti Airtel Ltd in UPE. This period is arguably the best ever and most enriching tenure in my 20+ yrs of  corporate journey. I met brilliant mentors, colleagues and friends who are still integral part of my life. From Jhansi to Lucknow, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, Mumbai and now Delhi… life went on and still going good. During my professional endeavours with companies like Airtel, Reliance Com, Tata Comm, TVS, American Tower Corp & Essel Group...I had opportunities of meeting many wonderful people who have  became integral part of my life.  My most recent professional assignment was as CEO- Essel Utilities (Power, City Gas, Water Distribution) and now I am on my way to explore Entrepreneurship.


Photography & Wildlife:
Learning-Unlearning-Relearning is a perpetual process. At the same time, being with self helps you sharpen your abilities to Think Better, Do Good and Be relevant. Though I had a latent desires of trying my hands in photography but my serious endeavour with Photography & wildlife started in early 2009 when a colleague showed pictures of Bandhavgarh Tigers. The fire was re-ignited and its been 10+ years since then. I prefer to go to forests or places where I can be close to myself, close to nature, with almost no other disturbances, where there is no chaos but peace prevails. I enjoy being in wilderness as this gives be opportunity to Unwind, Reflect, Recharge and Resonate. We now also operate a lodge in Kanha National Park (; Camp is my home in wilderness. 


Charu came into my life in 2003 and ever since life has changed for Better. With degrees like Masters in English, Bachelors of Education (B. Ed.), Psychology & a certified Nursery Teacher; she chose to gave up her professional career so that I can meet my career aspirations & follow my dreams.  She takes care of our families, teaches to underprivileged children of construction labourers, household helps and finds more happiness in helping them grow. A true life companion, a Best friend, Strongest critic to me and a loving mother who is indeed backbone of my life & our family.

I am proud father of a most adorable son, Ketav. He supplements our live with his wit, love and simplicity. A beginner with keen interest in Photography, Painting, Music, Dance and most of time accompanies me in my jungle trips. We just wish to make him grow as a Better Human Being...